Last Minute Dozer Work and Rain Storms Are Coming

Tuesday January 26, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rain storms coming

The weather guys are saying we have a number of rain storms coming at us starting today.

Last minute dozer work

There was one road up in the hills that had some bad ruts in it that I wanted to fix up before the rains hit so it won’t wash out. It only needed the road sloped off to the side in a couple spots and would mostly mean just a ride up there and do a tiny bit of work and head on back home with the dozer.

Won’t start

However when I pushed the start button it would barely turn over so I went back to my house to get the car and some jumper cables to get it going.dozer


Joy ride

With the jumpers it started right up so I headed up to where I needed to do the work through this old orchard.orchard


And on up this road. Just taking the dozer for a joy ride eh.roadup


Beats a shovel

Without the dozer a little job like I needed to do would take a lot of shovel work but with the dozer it only took a few minutes and I was on my way back down the hill.

I parked the dozer and got the wrenches out and removed the battery.battery


Charging up the battery

I plan to put the battery on the charger at my house so I put it in the car and went home and put the charger on the battery.

It started to rain lightly so there wasn’t much else I could do outside.

Feed shed cleanup

I did get the feed shed sweep out, but did not get the feed I bought yesterday put away because of the rains picking up.feedshed


Taking it easy

After that it was nap time and after that I puttered around the house for the rest of the day mostly taking it easy.

Enjoying the storms

It’s just starting to get dark and the rains continue to pick up which is fine with me as we need the rain and I’ve been through plenty of big storms in the past so let it storm.

A good storm is just another adventure to enjoy.

Nice day.

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