Some Work and Some Play In the Forest Today

Sunday December 25, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Game camera

Here’s a  rat climbing up on the wire fence to get to the avocado tree, but it was stopped by the plastic sheets on the fence.rat


And a raccoon came by to check out the bait but was on the other side of the fence so didn’t get into it.coon


Forest work

We have some rain coming in, in a couple of days which may last for a week or so, so it was up into the forest again today to get some more work done on the old trail.

This is the beginning of the trail I took off on up as my work today was closer to the top of the hill.trail1


This resting log is about half way up the trail so I stopped for a bit for a short break, before continuing up the trail.log2


I decided I’d work on the trail until 4. That would give me an hour to go for a dirt bike ride in the hills.

Dirt bike Ride in the forest

My bike was waiting for me so I hopped on it and was off for a ride to the top of the hills.bike3


I rode on up through these green ferns.ferns4


Spring water

I was thirsty from all the trail work, so I stopped to get a good drink of fresh spring water.spring5


Small tree

After a nice drink of water I continued on up the hill and ran into this downed dead tree. Fortunately it was a small one so I could just drag it off the road, otherwise I would of just turned around and gone up the hill another way.tree6


Hill top view

I made it to the top of the hill and parked to enjoy the views.bike7


Rain type clouds

Some serious looking clouds were coming in, but it’s not supposed to rain until tomorrow night. The sun just went down behind the hills.skky8


After a good sit and a rest at the top of the hill, I headed on home for the day.


Once home I checked on the chickens and then walked over to see if I could find some pineapple guavas to eat. Most of them are too small to eat. They need to be a bit larger than an egg to eat. I’m hoping these smaller ones will  grow in size like they usually do. I did find a few of them to eat, so I did.quavas9


Nice day playing in the woods.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I love seeing raccoons. Glad he can’t get into the bait. I’m sure surprised you still even HAVE rats after all they have eaten! Merry Christmas!!

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