Forest Work and Beating the Rains That Were On the Way In

Monday December 26, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Rat report

I’ve knocked the rats back quite a bit. I don’t see them in my chicken pen or hear them in my attic.

But I do live in a forest and my neighbors have chickens and they feed the wild birds. I just want to keep them down enough so they aren’t over running the place.

This one rat visited the bait station last night, but didn’t stay too long.rat


Forest work

We are supposed to have lots of rain coming in so I thought I better get to work on the trail I’m working on because it will become a bit on the muddy side, more than likely.

So, once I got it going and took care of the chickens, I headed on up to work on things.

I got up there about one and decided to spend about three hours up there working away as the first rain was due about 5 and I’d have some time for a little dirt bike ride before the rain and dark hit.

Despite the rain coming in, it was a very pleasant day up there in the forest.

What’s this

I was sitting down taking a break when I saw this little tube thingy next to me. It was about three eights wide and was sticking up above the ground about an inch.hole


Tube thingy

At first I thought it was a dead weed or a little tree that rotted away, so I looked closer. It seems to be some kind of insect, maybe a spider lives in there. I looked at the tube closely and it looks like the thing has cemented the fir things into it, to construct it.hole2


Going for a ride up to the top

I got done what I wanted to do today on the trail just before 4, so I hopped on the dirt bike and took off headed for the hill tops to see if the rain was on it’s way in or not.

I made it to the top of the hill where there is an overlook and it looked like it was gong to rain soon., Real soon. It started to sprinkle just after I arrived, only rain drops so



Looking to the west towards the ocean just over those hills, I could see the rain was coming in all right.  Most of our rain comes in off the ocean from the west.rain


Not getting wet

Not wanting to get caught in some real rain, I started heading towards home, going the long way as I figured I still had a bit of time.

The rain picked up a little but not too bad yet, so I should make it home without getting too wet.

And I did and that was my day. Some real good rains are supposed to come in on this storm. Great.

It’s raining real good right now and I hope it keeps it up as we haven’t had a good flood in a long time.Sorry about that for the people that live along the river, but hey, if you live along a river you deserve what you get. :O) Thank you, Great Grandfather for not building in the flood zone.

Nice day.

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  1. don striepeke says:

    all your days in forest never saw trapdoor spider hole? pretty cool spider

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