Someone Cut Off a Piece of My Old Redwood Stump and Some More Digging

Tuesday October 20, 2015 Jenner CA.

I put my boat in at Jenner this morning and paddled across to Penny Island and headed down along it’s side towards the closed river’s mouth area.

Paddling down along Penny Island.russianriver


Near the end of Penny Island I went by this great blue heron sunning itself.heron


Cormorants fishing away

I could see a bunch of cormorants hunting fish just off the end of the island and they kept just ahead of me as I made my way towards the end of the river fishing away.

I watched this brown pelican come in for a landing right in front of where the rivers mouth was closed by the high sands that the ocean had pushed up. Watch out guys, here I come.pelicans


The pelican landed ok.

Followed the cormorants

I continued on down towards the end of the river where I could see the cormorants I had been following still fishing away, down there by Haystack rock.riverend


The cormorants had chased the little fish they were eating all the way to the end of the river and were feasting away on the little fish. There were also some harbor seals joining in with them.cormorants


I pulled over by haystack rock in this spot and watched the goings on in the area for a bit.rock


Here’s some of the harbor seals that were feasting with the cormorants just a bit ago, now checking me out. These guys know me pretty well as we see each other most everyday.seals


This was the view I had from the rock as I watched. Lots of seagulls and a few pelicans bathing, preening and just taking it easy. Some mist was coming in off the ocean which was off to the right.birds


It was rather warm there by the rock as I sat in the sun, so I didn’t stay too long.

On the way past the closed river’s mouth, these two harbor seals where scooting across the sandy beach from the ocean headed for he river. They look like they have to work rather hard to walk across the sand and stopped often.harborseals


I left the mouth area and went past these seagulls resting on the water. Some of them were taking off and flew right at me as they gained altitude, almost hitting me.seagulls


I was cruising along the sandy beach near the south end when I saw these geese, which I don’t normally see in this area. They were taking it easy and just resting.geese


I started up the back channel of Penny Island when this bird on the island caught my attention.hawk


My poor old stump

That’s when I noticed my big old redwood stump had been vandalized very recently, yesterday in fact. They cut off that whole section.stump


We saw the vandals

As it was, we saw the vandals yesterday but didn’t realize they had done this. Two guys in a green canoe using kayak paddles went by us yesterday pulling something behind them. I realized today those where the guys who had done this. They were having trouble pulling the thing as we saw them go by while we sat on the upper end of Penny Island.

I watched

I continued on up the back channel and went on up the river towards the muskrat nest area where I was watching a seagull  waiting for a bit of fish the harbor seals were eating under water. I watched a long time but the seals didn’t show me the fish.

Wild turkeys

While I was watching them, the wild turkeys came by feeding in the grasses in the field. Here’s one of them, checking me out.turkey


I went on down the north shoreline looking for birds along the way as it’s a good place to see them and I never know what I might go by.

I went by these ducks by Paddy’s rock. Mallards and merganser ducks.ducks2


Just a ways past them I spotted this flock of geese taking it easy in the grasses. I’ve been by them before so they didn’t get too upset with me and didn’t fly away as I passed.gppses


I continued on down the river’s side until I got to the ramp at Jenner and pulled out for the day and went on home.

More digging

After a bit of a break at home, I went on over to check out the condition of the water main pipe I broke the other day and did some work digging around the break so I can do a repair which I will likely do tomorrow.

I set the job up by bringing over the pipe parts and stuff I will need to do the repair. I’m also doing some other  pipe work at the same time which needs to be done. That’s why the pipe got broken in the first place. I think I’m ready to go.

That was my day for a nice one, except for seeing my old redwood stump cut up.

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