Sometimes Projects Don’t Pan Out

Thursday March 11, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Yard putter day

Armstrong Valley Farm

I walked over to my brother Tom’s garden this morning to see what he was doing.garden1


Pruning trees

I could see him and his helper trimming some fruit trees and loading the brush into the dump trailer so I went over for a chat.trees


My view as I left his garden. Looks nice and green eh. He has onions and garlic growing there.gardem3


Nice day

Back home I sat around in the sun for a bit enjoying the day.

Chicken pen project

I finished the chicken pen bracket I was working on the other day and decided to install the chicken guards.brackets4


I got the ladder and the tools setup to install a small fence up on the roof to keep some of the chickens from going over the top and getting into the front yard before they were supposed to.pen


Brackets installed

They are hard to see but I got the new brackets installed that would hold up the fence.bars


Realizing my error

I was taking a break watching the chickens when I realized I was wasting my time putting up the fence as the the chickens would just find their way around or over it and the battle would continue.

I realized, no use doing that, a lot of work and materials and it would not likely stop all of them.

Trim wings instead or in the pot

So what to do. Abort the work and find the shears. I think it will be better to trim the bad guys wings. You do that by cutting off the tips of the wind feathers which makes flying hard to do for them.

And I think it would just be easier to put the bad guys in a pot.

Resting and watching the chickens and realizing this work was futile.helpers7


Makes a good grape trellis

So not to waste all my efforts I put up a piece of the fence for the grape vine to grow on as I already had the wire cut.trilles8



By the time I picked up the tools and put them away the sun was headed behind the mountain to the west.sundown8


The peach tree blossoms are holding up well despite the cold rains we had.blooms


It’s all relative

Cold is relative and around here if it gets below 40 or so F. we get cold. I don’t care for it but it makes me realize just how well we have it around here when I think of how cold it gets up in Canada and the North, our weather is great.

I sat around the yard until the day started to cool down and went on in for the day.

Nice day.

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One Response to Sometimes Projects Don’t Pan Out

  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    At least you realized it was going to be a fruitless effort before you did much more and made use of the fence for the grapevine! :)
    Chicken in a pot is always good!
    Thank you for the weather report, I was curious. I do admire your weather, not too hot, not too cold, usually. You’re in a great location even if you experience a few 40F days.

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