Spent the Day Exploring Old Mines in Nevada and Arizona

Monday May 11, 2020 Guerneville CA.

A bit of rain today

The rain started a couple hours before I got up this morning and it was raining hard so no rush getting up.

The rain slowed down to showers after I got up. I went out to feed the chickens during a loll.hills


Rain gauge

I  use a bucket to measure how much it’s rained and the bucket had a little over an inch in it.rain


So with everything all wet and more showers coming I went back in the house for another cup of coffee.

Exploring mines the easy and safe way

Late last night I was watching stuff on YouTube and discovered this guy going through old closed mines and found it interesting as I’ve always had an interest in mines.

Soooooooooooo, I explored old mines in Nevada and Arizona most of the day on and off.

Here’s the address of a real good mine explorer if you like old mines as I do.


Checking out the yard

I went outside in the evening to walk around the yard for a look see.

The rains beat the heck out of the roses.roses


Lots of plums

I have a large crop of plums on the trees this year which causes the limbs to be heavy and droop and sometimes break off. With the rains and the heavy crop of plums I expected a lot of the tree branches to break off. To my surprise the branches were drooping but they hadn’t broken off.

Here’s looking down my driveway at some of the drooping plum branches.road


This is one of loaded plum trees.plums


Lots of plums, red but not ripe yet.redplum



Towards dark I went in to shut the chickens in for the night.

These 5 hens have gone broody and would like to nest so instead of going to the roost at night they hog the nest boxes hoping to hatch out some eggs.nesthens


To prevent them having a family I take all their eggs each day and each night put each one on the roost to hopefully break them being broody. I do that every night and so far it’s been about 5 nights without much success.

Here’s the chickens on the roost for the night where I put the broody hens.roost


Checking the incubator

I don’t need broody hens as I have 56 eggs I’m trying to hatch out in this automatic egg incubator. I check the temperature and the humidity. It says the humidity is 50 percent and the temp is 38 degrees C. on day 12. The eggs will turn automatically in ten minutes. Much easier than doing it by hand every few hours.eggs


That was it for a restful easy day. Back to the mines.

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One Response to Spent the Day Exploring Old Mines in Nevada and Arizona

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Look at all those plums!! Wow, you need to Google a jam recipe!
    You have quite the operation there with eggs, hens and peeps to keep you busy. The rain sure greens things up, doesn’t it?
    I’m going to copy your mine link. I have a couple of friends who like finding them. :)

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