Little Chicken Doors to Keep the Peeps In and Van Work

Tuesday May 12, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Blocking Chicks

Once I got it going I measured and cut out three little gates. I needed to make one of them but thought I might as well cut out parts for three now as I could see a use for more of them in the near future.

This is one set for one little gate and I have two more sets. I figured I better make one set and test it out before making the other two as I’m not real sure how high I need to mount these little gates to only let the bigger birds out of the pen and into the yard. I’ve welded them up and am now fastening the chicken wire onto one of


Little gate installed

Here’s the little gate installed and closed.gate


I can open up this side for the chickens to get through it and hopefully it’s high enough the little peeps can’t get up to it and go through.gate2


Testing the gate

I opened the little gate and put a bit of feed on the outside and it wasn’t too long before they started using the gate. Eventually they all used the gate to get out in the yard to graze and then used it to come in for the night to roost so it seemed to be working so far and none of the little peeps got out using


Of course I was doing quite a bit of chair hopping and enjoying the day.

Some van work

Later in the day I got to work on the van doing a few things to it. Among other things I filled up the radiator with fluid and tested my electric fans and hooked up the battery and started the engine for a bit. So far no leaks and everything seems to be working. Only a couple more small things to do and then I’ll give it a test drive.

It was warm enough to sit around in the yard this evening even though it was overcast, so I did until the light started to fade.

Nice day puttering around.

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