Spring Clean Up Was on the Agenda Today

Thursday, Apr. 11, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Some chain saw work and some mowing too

I was up to a nice sunny sky today, but the weather man said it was going to be real windy down at Jenner, so it seemed like a good day to get something done in the yard.

I started out by sharpening the chain on the chain saw. Once that was done, I finished cutting up some five inch diameter redwood limbs that had fallen last winter and did a bit of course trimming on some dead limbs on some fruit trees.

Of course, that meant I had to get the wheel barrel and haul the wood to the wood shed and I had to pack  the brush from this operation to the brush pile. That all took a couple naps too. :O)

Late in the afternoon, I gassed the mower and tried to do some much needed weed mowing with my push mower. It was going ok, but the mower would sometimes just stop. That’s ok, as it would give me a break once in awhile, but it was starting to happen more often than I needed a break for, but what was causing the problem? It always started right back up.

Well, this just keep happening and I was at a lost to figure out why, but finally, when I was almost pooped for the day, it happened and I sat down by the mower and shortly noticed gas was leaking out of the carburetor. So, I removed the air cleaner and even more gas poured out of that and I think drained the fuel tank.

Well, in some ways that was good as now I knew I had to take the carburetor apart as something was causing the flout in the float bowl to not shut off, so now I could fix it, but as I said, I was pooped for the day, so I pushed the mower off to the side to be worked on next time I had some more energy.

Something seems to have changed as I used to get most of the yard work done in a day and maybe only take one nap, but now, I get a little done and take a lot of naps.

Could it be that I’m finally getting smarter in my older age and taking it easy, or……….maybe it has something to do with just getting older and pooping out more?  Eh? :O)

At any rate, it was a nice day just working in the yard, with the sun out and everything nice and green out.

Another nice day.

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