Squirrels, Trail Work, Avocado Tree Deterrent and Rats

Wednesday December 14, 2022 Guerneville CA.


I caught this little red squirrel on the camera this mooring, looking for some avocados to eat. It couldn’t get up into the tree,…….But.squirrel11


It just went around, like I thought it would and climbed the wire fence to get up there.squirrel10


I’ll work on that late today when I get back from working on some trails up in the forest.

Forest work

I rode on up there and hiked out the trail to the place I wanted to work today.trail2


I usually hide my digging tool, the Pulaski and usually forget where I hid it so have to walk up and down the trail until I find it. tool1


I did some sitting around and enjoying the day as long as I was up in the forest.forest3


I only worked a couple of hours on that as I wanted to go home and do some more work on the squirrel deterrent.

I hopped on the dirt bike and rode on home.bike4


A short nap was in order, of course.

Mixing chicken feed

I needed some more plastic bags so I emptied all the feed bags I had in the chicken feed shed into the chicken feed barrel, the blue one there.shed5


I figured I needed about four bags for now to improve the critter blocks on the avocado tree.bags6


I opened the bags up and cut them down  one side to get a piece of plastic.plastic7


I especially wanted to add some to the six foot wire fence by the avocado tree. I draped some over the top and put a couple staples in them to hold them in place.tree8


You can see the six foot wire fence in this view. The rats and the squirrels can climb that wire real well, so this should deter them a bit. I figure they’ll  just find another route to get up into the tree to eat the avocados.fence9



The rats did a good job eating the new pelleted bait last night. Here’s a couple of rats that showed up tonight, so far.rats12


Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Squirrels are tough to beat. Hope this works.

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