Brushing Out the Forest Trail

Tuesday December 13, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

I need to get this trail work done and the only way to get that done is to keep working on it. The rain makes the dirt soft so it’s easy to move around. And another reason to get it done is I’m planning to head down to Arizona in a couple months, so I only have so much time to work on all the trails that need work on them.

Brushing the trail

I started the trail work today by removing a lot of downed small trees and sticks to clear the trail so I can get by easier. I mostly just threw the small stuff off the trail. There were quite a lot of old sticks on the trail that got thrown off it.sticks1


The old trail went through here so I cleared the way.logs2


My Pulaski tool I use has an axe on one side of it so I was able to cut off some of these live limbs to get through this spot.limbed3


It looked pretty good once I got the limbs out of the way.log4


And I cleared the sticks off this spot too. All this work took most of the day with lots of breaks thrown in. I didn’t bring the chainsaw so no big stuff got cleared off the trail, maybe another day.brush5


Break spot

I was working away, taking it easy and enjoying the exercise. It started to get dark on me so I quit to this spot at the switchback that I fixed yesterday and sat down for a good break before heading on home.trail6


Beating the dark

It was a nice spot for a break so I sat there a bit too long and it started to get darker. I had to leave and hurry on home taking the short route or I wouldn’t make it before dark and my dirt bike doesn’t have a light on it. I made it, but just barely.

Rat report

Here’s couple of photos of the rats at the bait station tonight. I sprinkled some oats around the bait cans to encourage them. That’s what they are eating up.rats10


They seem to be checking out the green bait and maybe eating a little, so far. I can’t tell for sure without looking in the bait containers.rats


There’s a creek that doesn’t have any water in it yet, behind the bait station that I think the rats use like a freeway, so they just keep coming. I’m hoping to make a dent in them eventually.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Happy to hear you’re coming to Arizona.

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