Starting My Dental Work and the River’s Mouth Gets Breached Again

Tuesday November 15, 2016 Jenner CA.

Yesterday’s dental work

Yesterday I had a three hour dentist appointment in the afternoon, so that was pretty much my day. We prepped for three new crowns which will be the start of some extensive dental work I’m getting done this winter.

Today, it’s drizzle in the morning

I woke to drizzle this morning but decided to take a chance and head down to Jenner to kayak for the day, hoping the drizzle would stop as the weather guys said it would.

Rain pants on

Just to be on the safe side, I put my rain pants on at the boat ramp before taking off in my boat. Rain pants on, it won’t rain. Rain pants off, it will rain. Who says the rain is not predicable. :O)

River’s mouth had closed

I’d heard the river’s mouth closed up shortly after they opened it the other day so I was wondering what was going on down that way, so I headed on down.

John fills me in

I saw John who lives by the river’s mouth so I stopped in to talk with him by his house. We shot the bull for a bit. He said they breached the mouth again yesterday and it went out during the night so the mouth was wide open again.

John’s been having some serious trouble with his heart and he related the story of almost cashing out the other day. It seems his meds are out of whack and he needs to see a doctor more often, but he can’t drive because of his heart and seems to have trouble getting into a doctor.

I’m hoping that they got enough data from him during his emergency at Emergency that his doctor will get it and get things fixed up for him.

This was my view as I sat in my boat and talked with John, looking over to where the river’s mouth is located.johns


Lots of birds

I left John and paddled over to the open river’s mouth which looked like this with lots of birds flying around, mostly seagulls with a few pelicans mixed in.mouthop


The river’s mouth is wide open

I paddled right in front of the open mouth. It was high tide so I didn’t have to be concerned about getting sucked out into the ocean as water was coming into the river, not going out at the moment.ocean


This was what it looked like on the left side of the open river’s mouth. Brown pelicans, seagulls and some harbor seals.bird


I hung around the mouth area for an hour or so then headed back up the river going by these birds which were doing some preening.pels


Watched this eagle for a bit

I paddled over to Penny Island’s back channel where this bald headed eagle was preening and getting a drink of water.eag


I watched the eagle getting a bath, then it jumped into the air and flew on up the river and out of sight.eagle


I couldn’t see what these vultures were eating

At the upper end of the channel I saw these two turkey vultures eating something in the grass, but I couldn’t tell what.vultures


Resting in the channel

I paddled into the little channel on the upper end of Penny Island and sat for a spell, after going under that great blue


I paddled right under the heron and it didn’t fly off.heron


Paddled up to Muskrat

Eventually, I headed up the river along the south shoreline going up to this area I call Muskrat where I sat for a good while enjoying the day.muskrat


From there I paddled across the river to the north side and went down along the banks looking for birds like these. Cormorants, ducks and a seagull.birds3


And past those birds, I went by these ones as I paddled along.ducks


I continued on down the river and headed into the boat ramp with the river looking like


I went on in for the day and went on home where I didn’t do much  and that was my day for another nice one.

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