Cleaning and Painting the Van’s Headlight Fixtures and Cutting Up a Tree

Sunday November 13, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Working on projects

I had some projects that needed done today, so I stayed home and worked on them.

I needed to cut a small tree down by my garage that was getting too big. I cut it down and then there was this big mess to clean up.limbs


I got a little firewood out of it and a bunch of leaves too.wood


Cleaning up the van’s headlight fixtures

I only had so much energy, so I also was working on the van’s headlight fixtures. I took them apart and cleaned them up and let them dry out so I could put some paint on them.headfixture


Box of shrooms

My brother Barry was up in the hills mushroom hunting and rode in on the quad with a big box of primo mushrooms.barry


He had mostly cacara’s and he said the white ones were shaggymanes and tasted a lot like lobster.shrooms


Raked up the leaves

He took off to retrieve my ladder from the water tanks and I raked up the leaves into this pile. I didn’t have enough energy to move this mulch to my blueberry patch so I was going to leave it hoping the wind wasn’t going to blow too hard.pile


Drilled out the old adjusters

I drilled the rivets out of the old broken headlight adjusters and only broke one drill doing it.adjusters


I’m waiting for the new adjusters to come in the mail.

The cat came


Putting the ladder away

My brother returned with the ladder and we put it away.ladder


Watch out when I have a spray can of paint

I put some paint on the van and the headlight fixture. One of the reasons I prefer not to have a nice paint job is I can just use a spray can to paint away when I need to and I don’t have to be too particular about the paint when I need to make a repair. I put several coats of paint on there. Enough that it ran down the sides. :O)paint


I thought I best move the pile

Just before dark, I decided I better move the pile of leaves or the wind might and I’d have to rake them up again, so I got my tarp and loaded it up and dragged it over to the blueberry patch which wasn’t far.leafmove


I dumped the leaves out at the blueberry patch but didn’t have any poop to spread the leaves around in the patch, but at least I got them that far.

I did that just before dark and that was my day.

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