State Park Guys Meeting About Our Family Property and Luther Burbank

Tuesday October 12, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Big day

Today my brother Barry and I were to meet up with the state park guys to have a look at our family property we’d like them to acquire.

They arrived at our front gate about noon so we started there with names and whose who and we were soon shooting the bull and getting to know one another.


Then we had them drive into our property and park and Barry got out the map and showed what we owned to them.mapping


Barry makes an important discovery

Barry has also been studying an old ledger he got from a deceased uncle that had all the history of all the property owners in this area since it was homesteaded and he discovered a very interesting thing.

Luther Burbank

A very historic man owned the state park where it is now anddddddddddd,  he also owned our property at one time. Now being a very famous historic man, he’s known for his horticulture work and he lived in this area and was quoted as saying, this is the chosen spot.. As near as we can tell he planted the apple orchard on our land.

That’s a plus

The park guys were very interested in that as it would be a big selling point to the trust fund people as they like to get historic type properties and it also makes our place worth more. Good going Barry.

We talked about a lot of stuff about the property and shot the bull some too as  we all had our stories to tell.

Going good

Things were going well and they really liked our property.

Walk the property

Eventually we walked up through some of the property showing them the mostly flat valley first.walk


We walked by our water tanks and started up the hill on the road as we were going to make a loop, up the hill a ways and back down.tanks


I got a little behind chatting with a guy and caught up with the guys here who’d stopped for a discussion. powwow


Barry led then on up another road and we came back down the fire break area.road


Discussing plans

We made it back to the trucks were we discussed what needed to be done next as they were very pleased with the potential of the place once added to the state park system.

The process starts

So now they will be working on getting the  appropriate organizations informed to get the slow process of acquiring the property started.

My brother Tom came by a bit before they left and chatted a bit.

Here they are loading up and heading on out.leaving


How’d it go

I asked Barry what he thought and he said, much better then he’d expected. It went very well and I was impressed with all the park guys we dealt with. That was a very productive day. :O)

Back home

The rest of the day I spent thinking about things while chair hopping around the yard.

As always the chickens are ready to get to the front yard to graze.gate


There they go.grazing


The main rooster is watching over things on a mulch pile.rooster


They went to the roost and I went to my roost.roost


Nice day.

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