A Ride and a Walk Exploring Around the Talking Trees Trail

Wednesday October 13, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Windy day

I was sitting in the yard this morning when I heard some squirrels scampering up in this big redwood tree. I heard them but never did see them.tree


I also noticed it was fairly windy up in the top of that tree so I thought I’d take the dirt bike and ride up the Talking Trees Trail to see if any of the trees were talking.

Talking Trees Trail

I gassed the bike and rode up to this spot and parked the bike and did some exploring on foot.trail2


I walked up this trail to the waterfall just looking around.trail3


And down through here, just taking my time enjoying the forest.trail4


Checking the creek banks out

I was standing here checking out the deep creek banks and decided to work my way into the creek to see what might be on the banks down there.creek5


I walked into these undercuts and had a look see.creek6


Then I had a look down the creek checking things out.creek7


Animal dens

One of the things I was looking for was animal dens and I found this active one, but don’t know what is using it.den8


And this one was active also and was near the other one.den9


I walked up this trail checking stuff out along the way.trail10


And I went back in the creek here to have a look. It was interesting looking around.creek11


No talking trees today

The wind wasn’t getting into this valley much so the trees were silent today but it was still real nice under the redwood trees just the same.

Rock work

After several hours looking around and exploring in that area, I hopped back on the dirt bike and rode to this spot on a road and stopped to throw rocks off the road.road12


You can see some of the rocks I threw off the road. Good exercise.rocks12


I cleared most of the rocks off this section of the road which took longer than I thought it would but now we can ride through here without risking a banged up tire.rocked13


Headed home

After doing that I rode on down this road headed for home.



Of course I checked the water tank levels on the way which were about the same as yesterday, almost full.

Back home  I had a nap then went out and sat with the chickens.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Nothing better than a fresh air walk or ride and then an afternoon Happy Hour with the chickens. :)

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