Stayed Home and Did Chores

Saturday, May 25, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Seemed like a good day to stay home and do some chores

I started out working on my big chain saw. It’s not getting gas to the carb for some reason. I took the carb all apart and checked it all out and put it back together, but still it’s not sucking up the gas. Hummm. :O)

So, after working on that for awhile with no success, I moved on to rotating my van’s tires. Since I had already jacked the van up the day before and put it on stands, that job was pretty easy, since I have an air gun for the tire nuts. That job went well and then it was time for a little nap before tackling the falling redwood debris that has falling on my roof all winter.

Once I had the ladder up, I was up on the roof sweeping the redwood branches off the roof, which I will put in my garden for mulch. I did most of the roof, but saved a portion for another day.

I tried to start my van, but the battery seemed to be weak, so I put it on a charger. Maybe the battery is on it’s way out? Not sure yet. The van alternator may be out, I’ll find out tomorrow.

I did a little work and I did a little nothing today.

Nice day.

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