Still Fasting So Still Puttering Around the Yard

Thursday March 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Puttering around the yard

I wanted to get some grass growing in the yard fertilized before the rain that is supposed to come in tomorrow so I filled the injector and set things up.injector1


I started out here with the sprinkler and moved it around several times to get all the grasses growing in the driveway.water


Yummy Goodies

My brother Tom said he had some fresh oranges from my other brother Mike so I went over to get them next door.

I also got a chuck roast that I want to try. Yummy. Once I get off this ten day fast I’ll dig in. I’m on the 8th day and looking forward to eating again.goodies


Chicken feed

The chickens eat a lot of feed so I ordered some more and mixed up a batch of all the different seeds I use.feed4


Carrot patch

My brother’s helper was digging up the last of the carrots in this patch so now the chickens could graze in there. So I let them in to it. They love to get into new spots to feed.patch


Another view of the carrot patch full of happy chickens.birds6


Remembering to turn off the water

Late in the day I moved the sprinkler to this spot just as the sun was ready to set behind the hills.water7


Which reminds me I think I left that sprinkler on so I need to go out and check it. Yep, I left it on.

I checked on the chickens and they were doing just fine still eating away.view8


Chicken nest box cleaning

I’d been meaning to clean out the chickens nest boxes and put some new wood shaving in them so I found a small dust pan and removed the old shavings.nests8


And then filled up the nest boxes with new wood shavings.nestboxes9


About the time I got that done it was getting dark so I went on in for the day.

Glad when the fast is over

I have two more days of this ten day fast so I’ll likely continue puttering around the yard for a couple more days.

Nice day.

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