Repairing the Water Tanks Input Water Line and Some Trail Work

November 2, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Water line repair work

Once I got it going this morning I jumped on the quad runner and rode up to our water tanks to see what needed to be done to get the water inlet pipe hooked back up to the tank as I’d accidentally pulled it off a couple days ago so we weren’t getting any water into the tanks from the springs. The  main spring is up the hill about a thousand feet or so above the water tanks. The water free falls and is not a pressure system so there’s not much pressure in the water line.

I pulled the plastic water line off the top of this tank while I was working on the water line.tanks


You can see the pipe on the right is not hooked up and needs to be fixed so the tank will get water from the springs up the hill.hoseoff


I thought I better turn the water off so the top of the tank wouldn’t be too wet while repairing it.

So I went up above the tanks and turned the valves to divert the water to the exit pipe going down.water


Making a support wire

I also noticed the input water pipe had a bad sag in it as it didn’t have a support wire on it so I constructed a support wire that we’ll install when we fix the pipe connection.sag


Getting help

Once I had that done I went on home and found my brother Tom as he was going to bring up a ladder and help me repair the tank.

Tom said his back was killing him so he bought his helper Steve up to do the job. Sometimes you just need some young blood to get the job done.

They got the ladder set up.workers


And Steve climbed up there to see what he needed to


We dropped the water line so we could put the new support cable I’d constructed onto the plastic pipe then pulled the pipe back up to the top of the tank.fixit


This was our work area.workarea


And this was our worker almost done with the job.steve


Test for leaks

He’s almost got it all back together here so I went up to turn the water back on at the valves.pipeup


Water flowed into the tanks with no leaks so that was all successfully done.

Trail work

Those guys took off for home to work in Tom’s gardens and I went up to where I was working on a trail at the last road crossing I need to do.

I worked a couple hours on this trail that the pipe will sit on coming down from one of our springstrail


I think I got the trail in good enough shape to move the pipe onto it but not today as it got dark around five with the time change so I went on home after a good work out.

With it getting dark so early all the chickens were already on the roost. I put them away for the night and went on in the house.

Good to get the tank’s water line repaired.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I see three tanks. Are those all for water? Just like my irrigation system, it always needs a little tweaking!!

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