Tapping the Pot Grower’s Spring and a Ride Around the Ranch

Friday June 21, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Spring work

I drove on up to this spring area to do some work on tapping the spring. The spring is up behind those big ferns in a little ravine, about fifty feet up the hill.rig1

There was only a dribble coming out of the pipe from the old spring that someone else had tapped a long time ago.cup2

This is the spot where the most water was coming down, so I set up to dig here, just above the Pulaski tool. It looked like it might be solid rock, but at least it looked like the rock might be a soft type.dig3

I had to cut a channel in the rock for the collection pipe to collect the water.digging4

I kept picking away at the rock and finally got things the way I wanted them for the collection pipe.rock4

Temporary install

I put the collection pipe in and put some gravel in to dam it up temporarily just to get some water. The gravel dam leaked a lot, but that was ok for now. I’ll need to get some blue clay and come back at a later time to seal all this up properly when I get time.pipe6

Here’s my temporary setup. I hooked the black pipe that went down the hill to it.spring7

Down at the bottom, I rearranged the outlet a bit to  make it more accessible than it was.outlet8

That will do for now. I got a drink of water then went for a ride around the property.water9

I stopped here and there to check on stuff and to throw some rocks and sticks off the roads and eventually ended up here at my pond. I noticed the water from the spring wasn’t running for some reason.pond10

I checked the spring and found the water pipe got pulled off somehow, so I put it back on and now there was water to the pond again. There’s actually a couple of small springs at the pond so it doesn’t really need this one to stay up with water.water10

From there I worked my way home for a nap.

Nice day.

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  1. Barb says:

    So what’s the story of the Pot Growers?
    Enjoy your day, Bob.

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