Taxes, Some Shopping, and a Mount For My Loopers

Thursday March 15, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I needed to deliver my tax stuff to the tax guy so I took off for his place and got that done.

Metal guys

Then I needed to check on a place to get some steel metal for future projects and a metal rack that I need to construct. My steel  metal is laying all over my garage floor and taking up a lot of room and is a mess. I wasn’t sure what they had in steel  metal. I think they have mostly what I want. They don’t have a lot of steel but if I buy most of what they have I should have what I need.

Of course there is always a trip to a hardware store so I got that done, hopefully remembering the stuff I wanted to get.


And lastly a trip to get stuff to feed me at Costco. The place was packed but they always get you through the checkout line fast.

Once I made it back home a nap was in order.

Looper mount

And eventually I went outside to mount the pair of loopers I bought on the side by side.loopers

And now I have a shovel and a pair of loopers with me at all times so that should come in

Nice day.

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