Bridge Measurements, Hunting For a Spring and Rocks

Friday March 15, 2024 Guerneville CA.


I was thinking of making some steel crossings for the little creeks that flow on the property when it rains so one on foot can cross them without getting wet.

I made one out of a piece of 8 inch channel steel that worked pretty good on one of them a while back, so I wanted to get the measurements of the other crossings so I rode my bike up to each one and measured them.

This was the first one. These dry up and go underground except when it rains hard.creek1

This is another one I want to make a crossing for that goes up to the waterfall.creek2

Hunting for an old spring

My cousin told me about an old cabin or homestead that used to be on her place and I said they always built them near a spring in this area in those days. She said she didn’t know of any spring by this one. Being curious, I decided to have a look for a spring around where the cabin used to be.

Hiking gullies

I hiked up this gully which was in back of where the cabin used to be located and took a break on that big mossy rock there before continuing up the gully hunting away.gully3

There was water in this gully but it’s winter time and so I’d have to come back in the fall to have another look to see if the water was still flowing or not.gully4

I went up through here looking.gully5

I continued on up that gully checking it out until it petered out.gully6

And then moved a short distance to this one and walked down it. It also had water in it so there are possibilities for a spring here, maybe.gully7

I walked by this old deer skull.skull8

And I walked down this gully with water in it, so that’s another possibility.water9

That tired me out some so I headed on over to this overlook for a rest. Only blue sky today.sky10


From there I went on home for something to eat and a nap.

Later in the day

I still had time to ride up into the hills to this place where there is some rock that I can pick up, so I loaded up the rig.rig13

All loaded up with rocks.rocks14

I took them down to this spot where water crosses the road when it rains and put a lot of the smaller ones in the wash and will add more later.rocked15

I took the larger rocks to this crossing and put them in this dam I’ve been working on to hold back the gravels to make the crossing a better one without erosion. The rains will wash down gravels from above and fill this in.dam16

That was enough work for one day so I headed on home where I did some chair hopping with the chickens.

Nice day.

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