Tested Out the Cell Phone and It’s Working, Lazy Day

Wednesday August 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.


I wanted to give this apricot tree some water but first I needed to remove the firewood that was under it, so I got out the hauler and loaded it up.wood1


This was another apricot tree that only had one apricot on it, but it was up high and the birds got it. I put the sprinkler on it to give it a good soak.water2


New tires

I heard someone at the front gate so went out and got my new bike tires. I’ll get them installed eventually.tires


Repairs needed here

I needed to take this apart so I can make some new wooden pieces and fix it up. That meant I needed to get the broken pieces of wood off so I got out the tools to take it apart.stool3


Now that it’s all apart, I need to make new boards for the broken pieces, but not today, I just didn’t feel like it.parts4


Ride up the hill

I thought I’d ride up the hill to see if they got my cell phone working yet as that’s where I can get a good signal.

Tank gauge

On the way, I checked the repaired water tank gauge to make sure it was working properly. It was, and it had moved up a bit since I’ve been watering a lot lately, partly to check out the gauge.gauge6


I stopped at this spring to retrieve the cam card to see what was on it when I got home.cam7


This critter was on it. I seem to be having trouble getting good shots of critters. Maybe a fox, maybe not as the tail seems a bit small, maybe a small deer.critter14


Cell phone test

I made it to the top of the hill where it gets good cell phone coverage and tried the phone and it was now working.bike8


On the way down, I stopped at this spring to get the cam card.spring9


It only had some crows and ravens and a not so good picture of a big hawk.


Don in comments suggested this might be a small pig from yesterdays pics from this spring.  I think he might be right as we do have some wild pigs around here.animal


I took the Talking Trees trail to get back home. One of  my favorite trails.trail10

I took it easy the rest of the day, doing some chair hopping and lot of nothing.

Nice day.

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