The Car Timing Belt Was Broken

Thursday, October 24, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

Sometimes you gotta work on the car, like today

I knew I was going to have to work on the car that broke down last night, today. But I thought we could just find out what was wrong, then go kayaking.

Steve came by, ho is a sorta mechanic and we checked things out to find out what the problem was. The distributor wasn’t turning which meant the timing belt that drives it was broken.

Darn, no kayaking today

Of course this means one has to take a bunch of stuff off the car to get to this stuff. I also had an oil leak that this presented a good time to fix as long as I was in there.

I took enough stuff off to see what we needed in parts then sent Steve to get parts while I cleaned up things, you know, grimy, oily things that need cleaning before putting them back together.

Steve called and said our parts are coming and he’d bring them as soon as they arrived at the parts house.

That gave me some time and I packed some more food and stuff in the old van for my upcoming trip and just puttered around with a nap in there too.

Steve arrived with the parts late in the day, so he installed the main oil seal for me and we had something to eat. I wasn’t into doing any more work on the car for the day.

I need to consult the manual to put the timing belts back on properly, as they have to be timed.

So, tomorrow, it looks like I’ll be mechanicing, putting the car all back together. And if I’m lucky, I’ll get that done and go for a yak too.

At least most of the grimy stuff is done, so it won’t be too bad working on the car tomorrow.

Oh, what a fun day working on the car. :O)

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