I Was Rescued By a Mermaid Today

Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Not on the river, but in my car

I started the day off puttering a bit in the yard, then went to my dentist to get my teeth cleaned and do a little adjustment on my last crown. All the ladies at he dentist are really nice and make the visit fairly pleasant.

From there I did some shopping to get some stuff for my upcoming trip and then went over to visit some friends for awhile.

The darn car died


I left right before dark and was doing just fine until I was almost to Guerneville when the red engine light came on on my car and the engine ceased to run. It was just dark as I pulled off the road. Tried to start it, but it sounded like it wasn’t going to start, it just wasn’t firing. What to do? Looked around and no houses or anyone with a phone was real close? Hummmmmmmm. I put on an extra shirt I had in the car and started to walk to town which was only about a quarter mile away.

As I passed a parked car with the light on in it a lady said hi. I said I could sure use a phone and she cooperated with an Ipad or something. Lucky for me she did the dealing and all, and I got AAA. Of course they want to know all kinds of things and where can I be called, da.

They always take forever, but it’s better to take the time if you want to be sure to get a tow, so I tried to be patient. I did warn him once that I had barrowed a nice ladies phone and I needed to get it back to her. He still had to go though his stuff, but we got there.

The mermaid

Now, that mermaid I mentioned. While talking with the lady, it turned out she was the official mermaid in the area. No kidding. They have this mermaid thing in Monte Rio I’ve read about and here  I was with THE MERMAID. Her cars license plate even said so.

So, maybe it’s some magic of the river. I think mermaids are supposed to help one in distress or something like that and since I’m on the river most of the time, maybe there is some hidden connection?

No matter. I really did appreciate the ladies help as it made my car problem much easier to take and I was home in about a half hour.

The tow truck guy wasn’t too talkative until he saw my four wheel drive van parked in the yard. Funny how that old thing loosens peoples tongues. :O)

So that car is parked until tomorrow when I will have a look at what the problem might be. Maybe I’ll get Steve the mechanic to look at it before we go kayaking, might have to go in his car?

I unloaded all the stuff  I bought today and am now taking it easy.

The day was a good day, with a little, not so good too.

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