The Harbor Seals are Eating Fish

A surprising day on the river

Got up late today, because I’ve been thinking about stuff for this blog, keeps my mind going. Than, I went over to a friends place in Monte Rio to show him how to tap his water spring properly. That took until about three PM, I then headed down to Jenner to Kayak, which I did until just dark, around seven thirty. It was fairly windy when I got there, but fairly warm too. My plan was to take some more photos of the sand areas between the river and the ocean for a report I’m thinking of doing on what I think about what’s going on down there. I put in the water at the visitor’s center and headed down to the head of Penny Island.


Some people like to launch these Para sails or whatever they are called off the area above Goat Rock. I’ll stick to the water, thank you.




As I was sitting in my kayak at the western head of the island, I heard this plane coming up behind me, but it sounded a bit different. When I looked up and over my head this is what I saw.




Caught the seals eating fish again

I went down by the mouth and took some pictures, then came back to the channel on the south side of the island where I have a little notch place out of the wind, where I like to take it easy and rest up a bit. I was almost dosed off, when I heard a noise right in front of me and this is what I saw. I saw a big fish the seals had, but I didn’t’ get a picture right away, had to get the camera out.





Looks like the seals have fish on, the salmon are supposed to be coming in the river.




Several seals were fighting over this fish.




Take it to the air and get a bite before another seal tries to get the fish.




Lots of nice sunsets at Jenner

It only took them a few minutes to dispatch that fish, then I puttered back to the island head where the sun was going down and the wind had died a lot too.




One of the things I like about digital cameras is you can point them right into the sun without messing up your eyes, so I got this sunset.

Jenner has a lot of nice sun sets.



I stayed until almost dark, but was getting hungry, so decided to go home. I was contemplating staying out until real dark to see if there where lumens even when conditions weren’t quite right, but I pooped out.

Maybe I’ll come out tomorrow night late to check that out? Another nice day at Jenner.

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