To Blog or not to Blog?………..and Bobcats too

That was a big question,….. to blog?

I’ve been trying to decide on this question ever since I first opened this blog writer a few years ago. I’ve gone back and forth with myself, yes, no? Hummmm. I finally made the decision to go public a few days ago, and hope I haven’t made a bad decision. One of my thoughts was if I didn’t like something about it eventually, I can just quit. No one paying me to do it. That’s true to a point, but even if I stop, I’ve already let a lot of people into my life. Oh well. :O)

There are a lot of good reasons to do a blog. Just a couple are, it helps you get your head organized by writing things down and putting them out in a way that others can understand, helps you understand things better yourself. It’s a good record of what I’m up to, that I can check back on, as I age and get more forgetful than I am now. :O)  It provides a good place to do some teaching, which is what you have to do to spread information so one doesn’t just die with it and it’s gone. It’s a good introduction to meet other people in ones travels, some of them are doing blogs too. When bloggers meet for the first time, they already know a lot about each other, so it’s sorta like meeting up with old friends, at least that’s the way I’ve heard it works and it seems reasonable. I plan to do some traveling in my retirement so that seems like a big plus. And hopefully, by observing and reporting unbiased  observations of what I see may influence others to seek and get to the truth of things. I like helping people think past their restricted thoughts. If I can help them think past their original conceptions, I think I’ve done a lot, whether I’m right or wrong about what I write. What I write here are my opinions and others may or may not agree. I try to base them on fact, from what I observe and what I know and learn. So, right or wrong,  it’s hoped that I will generate some thinking,………………… then, I have done a good job.

Oh, entertainment is also tops on the list, as entertainment is a sneaky way to lead to learning. :O)

So far only some friends and my eighth grade alumni know about this blog and it has been received very well. Thank you all. I’m sure readership will grow fairly fast once this site gets out as the river is a big thing in politics in this area and a lot of people would like to know some real facts about the river, so I’ll do what I can do.

What’s the deal with the Bobcat eyes in my intro picture?

Well, to be honest, it was an accident. I was working figuring out how to do this stuff and I wanted a large picture up on top that I could change when I wanted. Each one of these blog themes that one uses has a template and is different. This one had a pic up there ok, but they wanted me to crop it, so I found one of my best pics to use just to figure it out. I cropped it and put it up there. It wasn’t really what I wanted, I wanted a full picture up there, but I haven’t found a theme that would do that one yet.

But then, one day while typing away here, I looked up and really realized how well those Bobcat eyes go with my blog, seeing how this blog is called Bob’s eyes. Just to digress a little here, Bob’s eyes is what I originally called this blog, just as a whim, when I was figuring this all out. After awhile I didn’t really like the eye’s part and decided to change it to Bob’s Adventures, mostly because it sounded better and my eighth grade alumni was always talking about going on adventures. However, after thinking about it some more, I realized there are a lot of Bob’s adventure blogs out there, so I changed it back and am now happy with the eyes, because what you get is what I see. Good enough.

Here is a picture of the original bobcat picture taken on Penny Island a while ago. It was taken with an earlier camera that isn’t quite as good as the one I have now, and if I remember right, a fair amount of fog was in the air, but it’s still one of my favorite pics. Usually, bobcats are gone in a flash, but this one lingered for a few minutes, so I was able to get  some good pics and video of him. I think I had run into him a few times before. Actually, I think this is a female I came across one day. I was paddling just up river along the forest shore line and I heard a cat scream just about a hundred feet back, which I had just passed. I got my camera out and turned around, figuring, I might be able to get a pic of the cat, just before it ran back into the brush, if I was lucky. So, with my camera on my chest, ready for action, I turned around and was looking on the shore for a cat, but no cat. Shorty, there were some more cat screams which caused me to look up into the trees which were still leafless from winter. Wow!………….Two cats, one above the other, the smaller one on top, was being hassled by the bigger one just below it. The bigger cat worked it’s way down the tree and left, but the smaller stayed in the tree while I took pics from my yak, then I went to shore and got under the tree and took more pics. While taking pics I sat on a big fern and my hat fell off, but I forgot it, until I got back in my boat, so I went back to shore and the cat was still there. I continued down river and dallied here and there for about an hour, then ran into what I think was the same smaller cat that was up in the tree hunting along the shore line about a quarter mile past where I first saw her. Yes, her. Later, I talked to a friend in Monte Rio about it, and he said they were trying to mate, or at least the larger male was, so that was likely a female at the top and I think it was the same cat I took this picture of a few weeks later. Anyway, that’s the story of the cat intro picture.

I think this is the same bobcat in all the pics. This one was taken a couple weeks after the others below.


And here is one of the cropped picture I used as a sample. I thought I better include it here incase I remove the top one someday.



I think this is the same bobcat, a female, I think?



The same bobcat, shortly after I saw her in the tree, about an hour later. She is eating a piece of fish she found on the shore, at low tide. She didn’t seem too scared of me after I took pictures of her in the tree for about a half hour.




Friends joined me on the river today

I’ve been trying to get my friend Raymond to yak down in the Jenner area for quite awhile now, but he always has something going on. However, one day after giving him my blog address, I got an email saying let’s go. So, I met him and his wife Elaine at their house at eleven AM and we were off to Jenner for a great day of yakking. It was a beautiful day, with low winds and fairly warm for Jenner. Not any problem impressing them, Jenner took care of that. We had a great day and I think they’ll be back.

We kayaked up along the forest on the right side of this pic. That is the highway one bridge, looking up river,which we paddled slowly up to, then headed back down the backside of Penny Island and over to the mouth and back to the visitors center. We did make a stop on Penny Island, I showed them the tourist stuff, the old house and barn ruins from the last people that lived there.




Here are a couple more photo’s from yesterday. This a a bird perch on the front of Penny Island, near sunset.




And this is just another sunset looking from the visitors center toward the mouth. The Pacific ocean is out there where the red clouds are.



Another great day on the river.

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  1. Hey Bob, your cats look spiffy! That tail confuses me, though; isn’t the lack thereof why they’re called “bob”cats? Ducks need to have things clearly spelled out.

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