The Last Leg Driving Home

Monday March 10, 2014 Guerneville CA.

The only way  home is through the traffic

Last night I decided to get up early to try to miss some of the traffic on the way home. Of course, this provided me with a rare sight, which I don’t see often in my life style.

That sight is sunup

Yes, I rarely see sunup as I retire each day around midnight or later and am cutting Z’s when it pops up each day.I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun come up?

However this morning, I was up just before it came up. There were a lot of clouds in the sky, so the picture below is the best I got of the occasion.sunup

Gee, sunup looks similar to sundown. So, I’m not missing anything.

Donner Summit…………….snow?

All those clouds? I’m headed for Donner Summit on I-80. Yesterdays weather report said the pass would be ok,  so it was a go, no snow. Oops.

Traveling west on I-80 just east of Reno, Nevada, there were lots of clouds and I got rained on for a bit too.driveview


All the warning signs on the freeway said no chain control on Donner Summit, so I thought I would just sail right on through. But as I got to Reno, one of the signs said chain control on Donner Summit, not good. I have four wheel drive and snow type tires on the van, so was ok with that part, but that also meant I would have to drive through some crap with a  bunch of other crazy drivers.

It started to rain harder when I passed Reno and got worse as I started to climb the mountain and then turned to snow. Yuck for sure.

Driving on I-80 to Donner Summit today in the snow.snow


Made it though that, now for the Sacramento freeway races

I made it though all that and only had all the freeways in the Sacramento area to navigate, which was at least sunny.

It’s always a stressful ride for me though all this stuff. I’d rather be driving on a dirt road someplace anytime.

Made it home ok

No matter, I made it home in one piece to a sunny spring day.

If I hadn’t sprained my ankle I would still be down in Quartzsite and would not  have done my trip north for another two weeks or so. As it was there was just too much weather to do much messing around in the northern areas of Nevada, especially with the messed up ankle. It would get in the way if I got into most any kind of a problem with my van.

I didn’t get everything accomplished on this trip, I did get some things done and had a great time, except for that darned ankle thing. :O)

Either way, it’s all exploring, you can only do what you can and I did. :O)

So, that raps up another adventure, now back to kayaking the river.

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