The River’s Mouth is Opened Up and Working On the Van Rod Problem

Tuesday June 28, 2016 Jenner CA.

I posted two blogs today, this one and the one below this one.

River’s mouth has been breeched

It looked like it was going to be a warm day so I was off to Jenner this morning. I put my boat in the water and paddled across to Penny island where these two great blue herons were fishing. I sat and watched and was taking it easy.herons


Great blue herons do a dance

Eventually I noticed the herons were doing something weird. They had their feathers all puffed up. It appeared to be some kind of dance which they did for about five minutes before continuing to fish. I took a video which I’ll post when I get some time.herondance


Mouth is open wide

I headed on down to the mouth to see what was going on as they opened it  yesterday while I was gone.

Nice day as I headed on down that way.jenner


I found the river’s mouth wide open with lots of harbor seals and birds on the shore and in the water.mouth2


I hung around watching things for a bit, then headed on over to the little slot on the back channel of Penny Island where I sat some more in this spot.slot


Eventually I moved on up the river where I ran into these  mallard ducks all sleeping as I passed by. I was surprised I didn’t disturb them.ducks2


I pulled in by these big redwood logs and sat and enjoyed the nice day for a bit.logs


Ducks by Paddy’s rock

Then I moved on up the river a bit more across from Paddy’s rock where I saw this big family of merganser ducks. They were fishing as a group just before going to shore here for a break right by Paddy’s rock on the right.mergansers


I had work to do on my old van so I didn’t stay too long today and went on home.

Trying to find out what was wrong with the van engine

After a nap and a break I started getting the stuff together to work on the van. I needed to remove the oil pan to see if I broke a rod or what. It all went well except for the piece of metal I was removing that fell and hit me in the nose which hurt a bit and caused some bleeding and a lot of grease and dirt on my face.

Here’s the van jacked up so I could get under it to remove the oil pan.vanwork


No broken rod and can’t find what’s wrong

I got the oil pan off. I tried to inspect the rods as bet I could and didn’t find any broken rods. I looked and and looked as best I could and didn’t find anything obviously wrong so I thought I’d remove the spark plugs to see what they looked like.

However this plug was bad

I found the number four cylinder from the front had no spark gap which indicates something is wrong on that cylinder to cause this, but what?

Here’s the spark plug with the closed gap. It wasn’t real beat up though.plug


I checked the rod and cylinder of that one from the bottom again, but still can’t see anything wrong with that one. It got dark so I had to quit on that for the day.

I think I will have to pull the head off to see what’s going on to find out some more about this problem. Maybe tomorrow after I kayak a bit.

Nice day otherwise.

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