The Seals are taking it Easy at Jenner

Thursday, May 16, 2013, Jenner, CA.

OK, off to Jenner, wind or not

I decided last night that I was going down to kayak Jenner, no matter what the weatherman said the wind was going to be. So, when I checked the weather report and it said it was eight miles an hour now and later would be eighteen miles an hour, I got my stuff in the car and was off.

Arrived around ten thirty and put the boat in the water. It was real foggy and a bit on the breezy side, almost windy. The breeze was blowing the fog in from the ocean and on up the river. The fog was changing from light to heavy constantly as the wind blew it up the river.

I headed across the river to Penny Island, though some wavy water. I think I was the only one on the water, there wasn’t even much wild life about. I headed up the river a half mile or so in the fog, until I got to the Eagles landing area, were I sat around in my boat for about an hour, before heading back down the river toward the river’s mouth.

I would have stayed longer, but the state highway crew was mowing the grass along the road and their backup alarm was just too much to bear, especially since the fog amplifies sounds so well. The Nice thing about a boat on a river. If you don’t like something, just move to another spot on the river.

On the way down I pulled in and took a break in the spot pictured below, just above Penny Island. Just think, if you didn’t know these logs were big redwood trees, might you think they were bones from a huge dinosaur? Note, it’s a bit on the foggy side.



I continued on down the backside of the island just barely getting though the channel as it was low tide and the water was way down, but I made it.

The breeze had picked up to a wind by now, blowing around twenty miles an hour or so and gusting a bit too. I Made it to the west end of Penny Island where I sat around for awhile, then headed down toward the river’s mouth in a fairly good headwind. Yes, the wind was up. :O)

Below is me heading toward the river’s mouth. You can see the ocean though the mouth, where the while is.



The wind seemed about the strongest just inside the mouth. I was trying to get a picture as I went by, but had a hard time of it. The wind was blowing the boat around and I had to make sure I had a good grip on my paddle and point the camera too, while watching for waves headed my way. It’s a sorta, point and click thing. And remember, my camera isn’t water proof, or even resistant. :O)

Below is the pic I got as I paddled by the river’s mouth, looking out to the ocean.



There were a bunch of harbor seals beached there, just taking it easy. I’m not sure what they eat this time of year, but they must be full, or they’d be out hunting.

Harbor seals beached on the sand at the river’s mouth.



There are a lot of seal pups about right now. The picture below shows two momma harbor seals with two pup seals, just taking it easy on the shoreline.



After awhile I headed back toward the take out. The wind was still up, but most of the fog had blown away. I didn’t have to paddle much as the wind was blowing pretty good back up the river.

I stopped in front of the river’s mouth for a bit in the turbulent water, before heading back.

Here I am, just sitting in my boat, looking out toward the river’s mouth.



I pointed my boat up river and let the wind take me along. It wasn’t long before I was at the take out.

Below is what it looked like as I approached the town of Jenner, where the take out is.


I only stayed a few hours today, as I wanted to get home and do some more work tinkering on my van. After a nap, I went out and did some things. Like fixing the split hose on my windshield pump tank and some planning on my new oven stove mount and a box to hold more stuff in the back.

Another good day.

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