Worked on the Van and Checked Out Some Logging

Wednesday, May 15, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

A nice day for a quad runner ride

Once I got going today, I went outside and sat around for awhile until I got in the mood to work on the van headlight project. I had to do some soldering of wires and put in two relays to get the headlights and tail lights to go on when I turned the key on.

I like driving around in the day with my lights on for safety and also I like it to work with the key, so when I turn the key off, the headlights go out. This is important in the day time, as it’s easy to leave the lights on, go for a hike and come back to a dead battery. I’ve had this experience and it’s not a real good thing to happen out in the middle of no where.

I got it all wired up and tried it out, but the headlights wouldn’t come on, but the tail lights did. Seems one of the spade connectors on one of the relays wasn’t making good contact. Once I did a little adjustment to that, it worked like it should.

About that time, Joanne and Dave came by for a visit. We visited for an hour or so and then they were off to Boonville to put up there tent.

About this time a little nap was in order, which took another hour and then I went down to Monte Rio to visit a guy that said he had a propane gas BBQ valve that I wanted for my van BBQ. The one he had wouldn’t work, so we just shot the bull for an hour or so.

I was thinking of going kayaking at Jenner, but the wind was really up and I had something else I wanted to do at home. Back home again for a little nap.

No, it wasn’t the nap I wanted to do. I wanted to go up in the hills behind my house and see what the loggers where doing over on my neighbors place, as I’ve been listening to them for the last week or so.

I checked the gas in my little four wheeler, known as a quad runner and filled up the tank. Off I went, across the road and up the hill. I rode around a bit on our place going to the top of the hill where I can look down on the Guerneville area.

Below is the view from the top of the hill, overlooking Guerneville. The green field is some of Korbel Winery’s grapes. Guerneville is just in back of that and the river can’t really be seen, but comes in from the left and goes to the right, just past that field.



From there I rode back down the hill a little and crossed over to my neighbors place.

When I rounded a corner in the road, this is what I saw.

Below the loggers were working moving logs with the machine on the left. They also had a big bulldozer in the trees to the right.



Below is another picture of the machine they used to move the redwood logs around. They were stacking them up the hill to get later with another machine.



They were very busy, so I didn’t talk with them , but took some photos then turned around and took a road around them to check out what else they had been doing on the property.

The machine pictured here is called a skidder. It grabs logs with it’s boom and drags them out of the woods where a logging truck can pick them up.



From there I continued down the hill and went over to check out one of my brother’s gardens and chickens. He raises vegetables and eggs to sell at farmers markets.

His chickens have it pretty good. Below is a picture of his chicken yard.



Another shot of his chickens.



From there I went on home and of course it was time for another little nap before getting some dinner together.

Had another nice day.

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