The Wind was Down as the Birds and I Enjoyed the Day in The Estuary

Friday October 30, 2015 Jenner CA.

Sunny day

The sun was out and the wind was down to a stiff breeze this morning as I put my boat in the water and paddled across to the upper end of Penny Island where I sat here in this spot just enjoying the day, looking up river.russianriver


I paddled on up and over to the north side of the river to see what birds might be resting in this spot. There were a couple turkey vultures just sitting there. I thought they were just resting and didn’t think they had something to eat, until this crow flew over and picked something up in it’s beak, which you can see in the picture. The vultures must have been full of whatever it was they were eating.vulturecrow


Moving on up the river along the shoreline, these geese honked a lot as I passed on by. As the other kayaker approached they took to the air honking.goose


I worked my way up to the bridge, then started on back down the other side of the river taking my time paddling along at a slow pace, stopping here and there.

Just after entering the island’s back channel I stopped in this spot for a bit before continuing on down the channel.jenner


About half way down the channel, I paddled over into this spot that was flooded and stopped for a bit more, looking down towards the


When I continued on, a kingfisher flew by me and landed on this stick not too far ahead of me and actually stayed long enough to get a couple pictures of it before it flew off, over the Island.kingfisher


I paddled on into the flooded Penny Island on the lower end and looked around a bit.island


Paddling back out of the flooded island I saw this great blue heron resting by the palm tree growing there. It just looked at me and wasn’t going to give up it’s choice spot so didn’t fly off.heron


River’s mouth is closed

I was headed down to the closed river’s mouth area across the water. Lots of birds resting down that way on the sandy beach.mouth


The waves were down today, but there was an occasional big one.birds


Lots of birds, mostly seagulls and some brown pelicans.pelicanfly


This brown pelican was taking a bath as I watched. They sure know how to splash the water up onto themselves when they need a bath.bath3


I hung around the mouth area for a spell. The wind stayed down today which makes for a real good day.

When I was leaving the mouth area, I paddled by these two western grebe. Sometimes they swim around with their necks retracted like the one on the left.grebes


Water level is rising

I paddled back over to Penny Island and went on down the north side headed back to the boat ramp where I had a look at the water level gage at the visitor center. Almost eight feet, it raised up about six inches since yesterday. The water agency should breech the sand dam at the river’s mouth, opening up the river to the ocean, when it gets to nine feet, which should be in a couple days or so if the river keeps rising at it’s current rate.gage


I put the boat on the car and drove on home for a nap.

Old bridge needs repairs

After a bit, I went out in the yard and did some puttering around. One of the things I did was prune back a lot of the blackberry vines around an old bridge that goes over to my brother’s house. I need to do some repairs on it before winter. A lot of the boards are rotting out under it, on it’s bulkhead that the bridge is placed on, so I need to figure out a way to prop it all up to keep the creek from washing it all out. I’ve got some ideas for that.

The rest of the day, I just sat around the yard and enjoyed the nice evening.

That was my day for a nice one.

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  1. Dan says:

    Good photo of the Kingfisher. I’ve seen plenty of them almost every time I go out, but I’ve never gotten a good photo of one yet. Elusive birds! I love how the scold you when you get too near.

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