The Creek Crossing Pipe Repair Begins

Saturday October 31, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I decided to at least do some work on repairing  our main water pipe that crossed the creek that got washed out last winter. A job that I want to get done before winter sets in.

Last winter during a big rain storm the creek came up high and a stump or something came down the full  to the banks creek and broke the pipe. With the creek full of water all we could do was put in the water hose so we’d have water in our houses.

This is the creek crossing with the temporary water hose across it which has been working very well.crossinghose


I glued together 36 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe and then covered it with foam tubes which I’m doing at this stage.foam


I have all the insulation foam on in this photo.pipeinsul


Next I covered the whole thing with a four inch outside pipe, mostly to keep the insulation on for a longer time than without it.

With the four inch pipe on, the unit is ready to start across the creek, all I have to do is drag it across, very carefully, mostly so I don’t break the hose connection pipes and make more work for myself.pipepipe


I move the temporary water hose out of the way, but left it hooked up and worked the new pipe into the wire loops which I’m doing here.pipe


I have the new pipe mostly installed in this one. Now I need to bring a ladder over to stand on, to tighten up some of the wire loops which should straighten out the pipe for a level crossing.crossingpipe


I hadn’t planned to hook it up yet as I still need to get some more pipe to make another pipe crossing for some water to my brother’s garden which means I’ll have to go shopping first, not my most favorite thing to do. I plan to get all the pipe prepped and laid out before I put water to it.

I worked on that until late afternoon when I was going to go kayaking, but after I got off the couch it was too late, so I sat around in my yard the rest of the day, just enjoying it.

Nice day.

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