Today, the Russian River’s Mouth is Open Again

Wednesday January 28, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray’s truck was in the parking lot as I arrived at Jenner today, but he wasn’t in sight anywhere I could see. I put my boat in the water and decided to head down to the river’s mouth to see what condition it was in. The sun was mostly out and the wind was down, so it should be a real nice day.

I paddled over to Penny Island and on down the side of the island until I got to the end of it and then started across the open water towards the river’s mouth.

There were a bunch of seagulls flying in the area as I went. I could also see a yellow banana off to the right, which must be Ray in  his boat.gulls


As I got closer, I could see it was Ray taking it easy down by the mouth and I still couldn’t tell whether the mouth was open or closed?moutharea


Bald headed eagle

There were a bunch of harbor seals resting on the shoreline. I’d say a couple hundred of them in all. Here’s some of them. Did you notice the bald headed eagle sitting on the rock behind them?seals2


The mouth is open

Here’s looking down the open river’s mouth with the harbor seals on the left and the eagle on the rock down there to the right.openmouth


This photo shows the open river’s mouth. See the sandy beach bank that has washed out and opened the mouth since yesterday, just to the  right of the harbor seals.mouthopen


Just in case you didn’t see that eagle, here it is a little closer.eagle


We hung around the mouth area for an hour or so and then headed back up the river.

These pelicans took off ahead of us and flew by.pelicans


We saw this white bird sitting on a big redwood tree stump and were wondering if it was an eagle until we got close enough to see it was a seagull.seagull


Muskrat nest beach

We paddled up the island back channel and on up to the muskrat nest beach area where we put to shore as Ray said he wanted some exercise.

We put ashore in this nice spot which is muskrat nest beach. Our boats are hiding in the vegetation on the left under the tree.jenner


We got out of our boats and poked along the shore line where I almost stepped on this little shroom.shroom


We walked through these big rocks along the


And here is Ray starting down a little gully, watching his step. There is a lot of poison oak in the area that we worked our way through.gulch


We got back to the boats and I think Ray got enough exercise, I know I did. I was bushed.

Back in our boats, we headed back down the river. The geese were honking across the river from us. They seem to be increasing in numbers every day. They  sure can make a lot of noise.geese

We continued on in for the day to the boat ramp where we took our boats out of the water. I ran into my cousin Laura at the boat ramp with her friend John, just as they were pulling their kayaks out of the water so talked with them a bit then went on home for a much needed nap.

Nice day.

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