A Paddle to Willow Creek and a Walk to Buzzard Rock and More Geese Show UP

Thursday January 29, 2015 Jenner CA.

Ray wants to paddle up to Willow Creek

Ray was at the boat ramp putting his kayak in the water as I arrived at Jenner today. The sun was out with a light wind and it looked like it was going to be a nice day.

I asked Ray, which way today? He said he’d like to go up the river to Willow Creek, so we crossed the river and headed that way.

As we passed Paddy’s rock, we ran into a bunch of geese on the shoreline. These two were taking a bath.geese3


Willow creek

We continued on up the river and under the bridge at highway 1 to the Willow Creek entrance. There were a bunch of county road workers there taking their lunch break as we entered the creek at this spot. Willow Creek goes up that canyon by the pole.willow


As soon as we entered the creek we could see the wind was down with flat water.creek


Lunch in the creek

We paddled back in to the creek as far as we could go, about a quarter mile or so. Ray got out his lunch so I did too and we sat in this quiet spot for about an hour.ray


It seemed like a good place to spend the rest of the day, but Ray wanted to go for a little walk, so we headed out contemplating where we could land to go for that little walk.

Monte Rio ducks

On the way out the creek, we passed by this pair of mallard ducks sleeping. They must be Monte Rio ducks as they didn’t even take their heads out or fly away. Only Monte Rio ducks will do that.ducks


A walk at Muskrat

With the water level a bit high right now, there are only a few places that are easy to get ashore and stay out of the mud too, so we decided to pull into one of the best ones which happens to be at Muskrat nest beach in this spot.shore


Not a good place to go for just a little walk

It’s a good place to pull ashore, but it’s not a good place to just go for a little walk. However, it’s still an interesting place to go for a walk, through the poison oak and bushes and the nettles are starting to grow now too.

We put ashore and decided to go up to the buzzard rock just up the hill from the water’s edge, but still not easy to get to. Did I mention that there are also wild rose bushes with big thorns in those bushes too. Ouch, they hurt.

We walked through this place with the big ferns.trail


I noticed this snail in the ferns as we passed. I didn’t check it out to see if it was still alive, but it looked fresh.snails


Buzzard rock

We are almost to buzzard rock at this point.That’s it in the picture with the town of Jenner in the background. There’s lots of green ferns growing on the sides of buzzard rock.buzzardrock


We made it to the top of buzzard rock and rested there for a bit enjoying the scenery. Of course going back down through the brush was just as hard as coming up to the rock so we got lots of exercise as Ray and I were bushed as we got back in our boats and headed on down the river towards the boat ramp.

More geese each day

We passed by some more geese. There seems to be more showing up each day right now and there appears to be some courting going on.geese2


This was our view of the town of Jenner as we headed in for the day.jenner


We pulled our boats out and headed on home.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way and got some much needed stuff to cook with.

I put that stuff away when I got home and was too tired out to do much except hit the couch.

Nice day getting some exercise and enjoyment on the river.

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