Drifting Down River From Monte Rio to Jenner

Thursday March 23, 2017 Monte Rio CA.

We put in at Monte Rio

I met John and Ray at the Monte Rio boat ramp this morning. We were going to kayak from Monte Rio down to Jenner, about twelve miles. We unloaded our boats at the Monte Rio boat ramp and Ray and John took Ray’s truck down to Jenner while I watched the kayaks until they came back. This would set us up for a shuttle so we didn’t have to paddle back up the river.ramp


They were only gone about a half hour before they returned and we put our boats in the water and headed down river drifting in the current. The river water was still muddy from the recent rains.river


We paddled on by this great blue heron getting some sunshine.heron


Nesting osprey

The osprey are coming back for the year and claiming their nests. This one was at a nest at Rein’s beach.prey


It’s mate was sitting in  a tree close by.osp


A few turtles

We saw a few turtles sunning themselves down by Casini’s Ranch. Here’s one of them who slid into the water as we passed.turtle


When we got to Austin creek we paddled up to the bridge and took a break for a bit.austin


Broken fish tracker

After the break we continued on down the river. I noticed this pipe in the water by the Duncan’s Mills fire house. It’s part of a fish tracking unit that looks like it’s had some trouble this winter. The pipe spans the bottom of the river going all the way across to track fish that have been tagged and is supposed to be all under water, so something went wrong during the winter floods. It may still work as there is just wires inside the pipes to track the fish.counter


Across the river from there this great blue heron was fishing along the shoreline.heron2


We continued on down the river going past these cormorants taking it easy. The river is mostly too muddy for them to do much good fishing right now.cors


Great blue heron rookery tree

We stopped at the osprey nesting area where there is also a great blue heron rookery to have a look, but all the birds were sitting on nests in the tree so I didn’t get any good pictures of the nests as they were hidden in the big tree.

I’m following John down along here where we headed over to the right to pull out for a break.john


Lunch break spot

We took a lunch break here for a half hour or so, them moved on down the river.boat


At Paddy’s rock we passed these cormorants resting in one of their favorite spots. Normally there’d be two or three hundred of them here at this time if the water wasn’t muddy and they could fish.cor


Pulled into Jenner boat ramp

We pulled into Jenner around 5 PM at the boat ramp just up ahead.jenner


We loaded all the boats on Ray’s truck and he drove us back to Monte Rio where John and I transferred our boats to our vehicles and we all went on home for the day.

It was rather cool out when I got home and I was tired out, so I went in for a nap and that pretty much shot the day for another good one.

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