Trail Work Digging Out the Stump, Moving Game Cams

Saturday September 2, 2023 Guerneville CA.


That stump behind the shovel needs to be dug out as it’ blocking the trail some.

So, today, I’m working on removing some of the dirt around the stump and using it to build up the trail around this tree, to get around it with the trail.workspot1


There’s the stump I’ve been digging around to expose the stump more so I can remove it eventually. I use the chair a lot. I work a little and sit in the chair, and repeat. That’s how I get the job done. I have to be careful not to break the two inch water pipe under the trail. I did hit it today, but didn’t break it.trail2


The trail is starting to shape up as I fill the dirt in by this tree. I stopped here for now to give my back a break.trail3


Old steel fence post

On the way out, I pounded this metal stake in the ground some more as it’s a dangerous thing on a trail if one was to fall on it. It was easier to pound it in, than to try to pull it out.stake4


I got out of there before I overworked my sore back.

Trail cams

I rode up to retrieve the trail cam cards and moved the cams to new places.

I moved this one higher on the bank to see if it does a better job. It’s there in the middle but hard to see. It takes pictures of the road in front of it.cam5


I put the other game cam on the dirt bank there on the right, also higher up than I’ve been putting them. This is a little pool of water for the critters.cam6


Sky view

I rode up to the top of the ridge to check out the weather. We had a good shower this morning that wet everything down but didn’t last long.sky7


Squirrel getting a drink at one of the cams.squirrel8


I think this cam is just not a good one as it takes a lot of not so good photos. This blue jay seems to like this spot for a drink as it’s been here before.jay9


I headed for home and took it easy the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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