Digging the Stump Out

Sunday, Mar. 10, 2013, Sun City West, AZ.

Todays project, digging out the stump

I haven’t been able to send any email out since I’ve been at Kathleen’s using her internet provider. I can receive email. No big thing though.

Today’s weather was to be a bit warmer than yesterday and no rain, so the stump project was on for the day. After a couple cups of coffee, contemplating the job, I got started around ten thirty in the morning.

I dug around the sides, cutting off the roots.

I had a small pick, so I dug around the sides and cut the roots off with a saws all that Kathleen luckily had. The saws all made the job a lot easier, but what I didn’t have was a digging bar that I could use to get some leverage on the stump to break it off it’s perch.

The picture below is of the stump as I had prepped it a couple days ago, before it started to rain.



I dug and cut roots, but it’s still stuck in the ground.

I dug and cut roots until about two pm. I got them all cut around the sides and there didn’t appear to be too many of them under the stump, but there might be some? I need a digging bar now to finish the job. I hope we can borrow one some where’s tomorrow, so I can get this job done.

Below is a picture of the stump after I cut all the roots around it. It should be ready to pry out of the ground with a digging bar at this point.



Break time and some lunch.

I took a break and had some lunch and a nap and worked on it some more on and off for the rest of the day. But, I really need a digging bar to put some pressure on it to pop it out of the ground. Although it was a project I didn’t really work on it that hard today.

Had a nice day.

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