Trail Work In the Forest and Looking For Big Rocks

Friday April 14, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

I’ve been too busy working on other stuff to get any trail work done for quite some time.

But now I have a bit of time and need some exercise so I got the tools I’d need and rode the quad runner up this trail to check some stuff out.trail1


Big rocks

I stopped in this spot by a creek crossing. I could use some big rocks for creek crossings, so I need to locate some.quad2


I walked up the creek to see what was there as far as rocks go.creek3


There were quite a few rocks but not too many big ones like this one. Big rocks make better stepping stones to get across the creeks when there is water flowing in them.rocks4


I turned this one up on it’s side to have a look at it. Looks good for a stepping stone. I’m just looking for now.rock5


Trail work

Then I moved to this spot where I  had some trail work to do up that trail in the back. I took the tools but forgot the camera.tools6


There was a small slide on the trail from the heavy rains this winter. It took most of the day to fix it up and I still have a bit of work to finish it up.

Checking for more big rocks

After the trail work I walked up this creek looking for more rocks and found some.creek7


These rocks are pretty big and likely not east to move.rocks8


Creek crossing

I hauled some of the smaller ones down to this trail crossing to start making some stepping stones. I’ll need more rocks to make it good, but at least I got it started.steps9


Break time

After moving the rocks from up the creek, I sat on the small  cut log there for a good break.seaqt10


This was the view from my break log. It was evening and real  nice out in the forest so I sat and enjoyed the forest for a good while before starting back down the trail.view11


This is the trail I took headed home. Nice and green right now with the big ferns and the sorrel.trail12


Spring work

I stopped here where this spring was washing across the road and starting to do some damage. We don’t use this spring as it’s too low on the hill to make any pressure at the houses.spring13


I made this little ditch to drain the water off the road.ditch14



Back home I put the chickens away for the night, just after dark. I need to process the excess roosters tomorrow so I moved four of the young roosters off the roost and into a separate pen so I can catch them tomorrow.

They are easy to catch at night on the roost rather than trying to chase them around and catch them in the daylight. Although trying to catch them in the daylight is much for comical. :O)

I have too many young roosters and they are tearing up my hens, just doing what roosters are supposed to do, so to get some peace for the flock, it is necessary to reduce the roosters. One rooster is enough.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    Chicken stew on the menu? Some protein called for in your diet what with all the rock hauling.

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