Roosters Reprieve, Forest Ride and a Visit

Saturday April 15, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Ride in the forest

Barry showed up this morning with his dirt bike. He had some news for me. A friend of his wife’s new car was coming in soon so her car would be available soon which is good as my old car just about has had it.

I had planned to butcher the roosters today, but that could wait for when we got back.

We rode up into the hills in the background of this photo.barry1



We headed on up into the forest. Barry wanted to go up to the falls first so we did. The water there is slowing down some, but it’s still making a good waterfall noise.falls2


We rode around all over the place and had to stop to get these small branches off the road. Since Barry rides first, I let him take care of them. I’ve got most of the trees cleared off the roads now, but we did run into a larger one on my cousin’s place.limbs3


Fresh water

After awhile we headed over to our main spring for a drink of water.drink4


And then we headed to my cousin’s place, up to the ridge top so Barry could use his hammock he has up there.view5


After a good break there, we rode on to my cousin’s house to visit her and her husband. We spent a couple hours there shooting the bull with them which shot most of the rest of the day.

Their view looking west.causins6


From there we headed back down to my place and Barry headed for his home.

I  had planned to butcher the roosters today, but when I got home, I wasn’t into it so they got a reprieve. I fed them and went in for a nap.roosters7


Nice day.

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