Tried to Hike the Length of Penny Island

Thursday, June 14, 2013, Jenner, CA.

A rough day

I’m a little late posting as yesterday was a rough one in more ways than one. First I didn’t’ sleep too well the night before and I woke with a  bit of a hung over feeling.

First I went down to Monte Rio to help a friend with an electrical problem, which worked out well.

Next I went down to Jenner, where the wind was really blowing and the ocean was real rough.

I decided to put in despite the wind. I crossed the river over to Penny Island and went to the little channel on the east end where the wind doesn’t blow too much and hung out for a bit. Eventually I decided it would be a good day to do a hike on the island and eat some berries.

The berries are just starting to really get ripe so I ate a lot of those while working my way down the island toward the west end. There is lots of brush and the trail is mostly a deer one. I had to go over down trees and logs and try to keep the berry vines from hitting me in the face, but I played like a deer and pushed on. I made it almost to the west end before I gave up and worked my way back to the east end where my boot was.

When I got to the west end I laid down and that felt so good, I stayed there for about a half hour before putting my boat back in the water. The wind was still blowing so I worked my way up the north side of the island, but realized I was totally pooped out, just no energy and I felt like hell, like I was really hung over, so I headed back to the take out.

I drove down to the river’s mouth for a pic.

Home I went and hit he nap area and tried to get it together. By eight PM, I couldn’t stay up any longer and still felt like hell, so went to bed. Feel much better today.

This is where I put in on Penny Island on the east end. Nice and green down there.



Just before I left for the day, I drove down to the over look at the river’s mouth and took this photo. The river’s mouth is really closed well with sand. The wind is blowing both in the river and the ocean.


I’d like to say I had a good day, but I didn’t really although the hike on the island was a good one.

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