Doctors and Yakking Monte Rio

Wednesday, June, 12, 2013, Monte Rio, CA.

But first a word about my blog transfer

Well, the blog address transfer isn’t going well. I now have it residing in two places instead of one. I’m beat working and thinking on it, so will give it a little break before I try some more stuff to fix it all up.

Today was my annual Doctors appointment and I got a new doctor. Well actually a new team as you get three new people, a doc, a nurse and a helper. I met the doc and the nurse today and was very pleased with both of them. I don’t really have much wrong with me except the corn allergy problem and there isn’t really much they can do about that. Other than that, it’s just a lot of older life aches and pains, which one just has to live with. If you are older and you have pains, you know you are still alive, not dead yet. :O)

Anyway, after the morning appointment and a visit to Wal-Mart to purchase a few things, I went home. Shortly after I arrived home, Bryce came by with some nice cherries and fresh apricots off his trees for payment for me for helping him fix his spring. Yummmm.

After shooting the bull with him for awhile ,  headed for Jenner to Kayak. The weather guy said it was going to be windy down there and it was. I headed back to Monte Rio and put the boat in the water. It was only breezy here. Headed down river, taking it easy as I went. I’d go a little further, think this was far enough today, rest and bit and go a little further until I was almost to Ryan’s beach.

Just above that I saw a guy working on trimming some bushes in his yard. I’d seen him there before and waved, so I went over and started talking with him. A short time later he invited me up to check out his garden around his houses. Turned out it was an old family house that he had just moved into for his retirement. Now people that have been around for a long time in the area always have a bit of history to tell, so we traded stories and I  learned a thing or two about the area he lived in. One of the interesting things about kayaking is you can enjoy everyone’s back yard as you paddle by.

Below is this guys house and backyard. You can see him working on bushes just about center pic. His name just happens to be Bob, so we got along well. :O)



He invited me up to see his garden around the house. He had a bunch of nice rhododendrons of colors I’ve never seen before. This is one of his paths in the garden.



Below is a beautiful white rhododendron, one of the nicest I’ve ever seen.



While we two Bob’s were talking some folks came down the river in kayaks and pulled to shore right across from his house. Looking closer, it turned out to be Steve and Barbara, pulling in to take a break.

Below is a picture of them just coming to shore for  a break.



I said my good byes to Bob and went over to join them. We shot the bull for awhile then headed down river to the Ryan’s beach area where we dallied for awhile before heading back up the river.

A lot of the ducks have hatched out so we saw quite a few little guys along the river today.

This is a group of them that we saw just above Ryan’s beach as we headed back up the river.

Mallard ducks, female with little ones.




Here we are going up the river just above Ryan’s beach.



By now it was about seven  PM and the breeze was dying down. A very nice evening.

Here we are just approaching the Villa Grande hole, which is about a mile or so below Monte Rio.



From here it wasn’t long before we were at the Monte Rio take out. We got our boats out of the water and headed home.

Another nice day.

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