Up In the Hills Cutting Up Downed Trees

Monday January 29, 2024 Guerneville CA.

I had some downed trees up in the hills across roads that needed to be cut and cleared off the roads.

I gassed and oiled the chainsaw and loaded it on the quad runner and headed on out around noon.

I went to the two that were furthest away and stopped here to cut this one up enough to get by it.tree1

Not far down that road was this one so I cut it up in pieces and moved enough of it to get by. There were a couple of smaller ones down the road that I did the same to.tree2

The big tree

Then I drove on back to this big one that fell down during the last rain storm. It was big and I knew I wouldn’t get it all done before the saw and I would run out of gas, but I, at least wanted to get a start on it.

I had to be careful to make sure it didn’t fall on me as I started cutting on the sections.tree3

I got this much cut up before the saw ran out of gas and I was too. I don’t usually bring any more gas so I can quit before I get too tired out. At least I got a good start on this big one.tree4

Drink at a spring

Not far below that one, was this spring where I stopped to get a cup of water or two.spring5

On the way home I stopped on this road to ditch this water off the road so it wouldn’t make a big ditch down the road.ditch6


I took this trail and stopped in a couple spots to do some ditching on it too.trail7

Chair hopping

Once back home, I just sat in my chairs and took it easy with the chickens.chicken8

I enjoyed the evening sitting around until the night’s chill set in. The sun went down behind the hills to my west.sky9

Nice day.

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