Usal Creek Day 5 and 6 At the Ocean and Snarly Trees

Friday June 10, 11, 2022 Usal Creek, Lost Coast CA.

Ocean day

Today we planned to spend some time down at the beach at the ocean and maybe spend the night down there.


After getting it going  we drove on down to this part of the beach but planned to drive a bit south to a beach that there weren’t so many people at coming and going.ocean1


We drove across the creek to this beach and parked. As we pulled in the sand got soft and we wondered if we’d get stuck getting out later.


Anyway we parked and went for a short walk down the beach to sit on a big log and enjoy the day.vans3


This was our view of the ocean from the vans.view5


We walked down to the logs down there and sat for a spell taking it easy..view4


We made it back to our vans and decided not to camp here and headed back to the camp inland that we’d been using.camp5


The sand wasn’t as soft as we thought and we both made it out of it and headed back to camp.


Back at camp we heard some ducks in the creek. They were working their way up stream feeding along the way.ducks6


Mountain man fire

And that night we had a fire. Marty demo-ed how to start a fire without matches, the mountain man way. See the video clips for more on that.marty7


He was successful and got a good fire going that we enjoyed.fire8


Nice day.

Day 6, The Snarly Big Trees


Today I took Marty up the coastal trail that goes south along the ocean and starts near our camp on the road in.trail


Snarly trees

I only wanted to take him a hundred yards or so up the  trail to show him the big snarly redwood trees that were up there. I’d discovered them a few days ago.

We continued on up the easy trail to these trees.marty


We discussed what we thought might have twisted these trees up as they usually grow pretty straight up.trees


Natures work

We walked on up into them and admired natures work while we rested up.steps


There’s more of all this in the video clips I published on the Usal trip.

Video Clips

My plan was to take some video clips to put together an edited video. But the problem was I wasn’t sure just how to present what is at Usal Creek and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I started out  just taking some video clips to edit which I did. But when I went to edit them I could see they were better presented without editing. I thought things showed more on the real side. So I decided to not edit much out, unless it was a duplicate and leave in most of the bloopers as that’s how things really happened.

The Usal Creek Video of Clips

This is the video I made of the video clips and is of the whole trip so this will be repeated on the Usal blogs but the video is the same for them all.


Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Those gnarly trees are awesome and interesting that there are cement steps up through them.

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