Usal Creek Day 7 Rain and Some Hiking

Sunday June 12, 2022 Usal Creek CA. Lost Coast

All four Usal Creek Blogs were published today and this is the last one.


Yesterday evening we were sitting out in our chairs when the fog came in off the ocean and surrounded us in a dense mist. We retired to our vans and shortly after dark it started to rain lightly and continued all night and into the morning until about 11 when it started to let up.van



After we got it going and the rain stopped we set out on a short walk up the road as we wanted to check out the coastal trail, North.

Big ferns

We had to hunt around for the trail and found it and started up it through the big ferns.marty


Rest spot

We didn’t go up the trail far, just enough to get into these big redwood trees where we stopped to rest for a bit.trees


Wet and Muddy

We headed back to camp on this road.muddy


Ocean view

During the evening we took a walk down to the ocean which looked like this.ocean


Video Clips

My plan was to take some video clips to put together an edited video. But the problem was I wasn’t sure just how to present what is at Usal Creek and I wasn’t sure what to do.

I started out  just taking some video clips to edit which I did. But when I went to edit them I could see they were better presented without editing. I thought things showed more on the real side. So I decided to not edit much out, unless it was a duplicate and leave in most of the bloopers as that’s how things really happened.

The Usal Creek Video of Clips

This is the video I made of the video clips and is of the whole trip so this will be repeated on the Usal blogs but the video is the same for them all.


Headed home

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for home, likely around noon as it’s not too far from here, just a couple of hours drive south.

Nice day.

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