Yard Work, a New Shelf Board, a Broody Hen and Some Hurts

Wednesday June 15, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Leaving Usal

This was the final view looking back down at the ocean at Usal Creek on the way out.usal


We stopped  here to take out the four-wheel hubs after we got back on the main road, highway one heading south.vans


Mowing weeds

Today I needed to do some weeding as they grew a lot while I was away. I needed to cut some cords for the weed mower so I started with that.cutting


I installed a set of cords on the machine and gassed it up and I was ready to go, after a short break.ready


This was the area that needed weeding the worst so I started with it.weeds


It looks a bit better now. I continued with other parts of the yard  until my hurts said to quit so I did.driveway



I heard a commotion out on my driveway. It was Tom moving some woodchips to his garden across the highway. We are getting a lot of woodchips now. Tom said he had to cut one guy out as we were getting too many.chips


Nursing a sore hip

I spent most of the afternoon sitting around and resting as my sore hip was hurting and made it hard to bend down to work on things. That sore hip got worse when I jumped down from my van when I returned home.

Making a new shelf board

This evening I cut some boards to size to make a new shelf board for my new fold down shelf in my van. I didn’t like the plastic cutting board one I made before the trip as everything slid off it too easily, so I decided to make one out of wood and replace the plastic one. Otherwise I like the new fold down shelf real well.boards


Epoxy work

After getting the two boards cut to size I got the epoxy out and glued the boards together and clamped them up for drying.glued


Broody hen

Tonight I need to go out and put this broody hen and her eggs into a plastic tote box nest so she can do her thing to make some baby chicks.hen


Nice day.

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