VA Lab Sample and a Nice Dirt Bike Ride After the First Rain

Tuesday October 19, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Lab appointment

Today I had to drive over to the VA lab and have some blood drawn.

On the way over there I passed by my brother Barry with his dirt bike heading for my place.

I was right on time at the VA and got taken care of.

Dirt bike ride in the forest

I headed on home and got the dirt bike out.

Barry was up in the hills riding around somewhere so I headed on up to see if I could hear his cycle. I’d go a ways and stop and see if I could hear him but I didn’t hear his bike no mater where I was.

Waiting at the Guerneville overlook

Eventually I ended up at the Guerneville overlook and sat and waited as eventually Barry would be by or I’d hear him.

I was there about fifteen minutes when he rode up so we had a good break there and shot the bull for a bit. That Barry’s in his resting position. I sat on a log.bteak


This is the view from there.view



With the little town of Guerneville down there by the river resting in the trees.guerneville



Barry spotted some smoke to the west and said he heard they were doing some controlled burns out that way.smoke


We got back on the bikes and rode all around the roads going this way and that way for a good ride which is always nicer after the first rain.

We stooped here to check out a mushroom area, but it’s early yet.bikes


After a good ride we headed back to my place and Barry loaded up and I had a nap.loadingup


The day was pretty  much over by then so I did some chair hopping until just before dark.

Nice day.

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