Misty Day, Moving Mulch and Making a Brake Light Bracket

Wednesday October 20 Guerneville CA.

Misty day

There was a very light mist in the air today, all day. It was real light and barely got me wet, so I was able to do some stuff outside as actually it was pretty nice out there with just a warm extra shirt.

I started out by sitting in a chair and watched the mist for a bit.misty


Mulch for the chicken pens

And eventually I got the wheelbarrow out and a pitch fork and filled the wheelbarrow with woodchip mulch.mulch


About that time my brother Tom came by with his side by side with a big load of redwood leaves in the back so we put those in the chicken’s mulch pen first. Then I added a couple more loads of woodchip mulch.mulchpen


After a short break I moved 8 loads of mulch to the main chicken pens.pen


I dumped some under the  main chicken roost and will let the chickens spread it out.chips2


And I dumped some more mulch in the young chicken’s pen.woodchips


While I was sitting, taking a break, I heard this tree branch fall on the road so I picked it up and put it on the brush pile.stick


And I noticed some of my bamboo was falling over with the weight of the rain water so I got my loppers and trimmed the ones doing that out on the highway. There were only a few of them so far.bamboo


Brake light switch bracket

Since I got all that done I decided to see about making a bracket for my old van’s brake light switch. I have a new one but it’s mounting plate is wrong so I needed to make something to make the new one match how the old one was mounted.brraket


I put a coat of paint on the part and put it in the house to dry before adding more coats of paint.paint


That pretty much wrapped up the day.

Nice day.

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