Views from the Jenner Overlook, Rain, a Hole Repair and Some Grape Vines Planted

Saturday January 16, 2016 Jenner CA.

Rain in the morning

It was raining as I got it going this morning, but the weather guys said it might slow up some around noon, so I headed to Jenner in the rain. It was raining as I pulled into Jenner  so I continued on to the river’s mouth overlook, just past the town of Jenner on highway One.


This is what it looked like as I got out of my car looking up the river.overlook


The ocean was rough and the waves were breaking on the rocks and over the sandy beaches.mouth2


I could see a bunch of birds resting down there on the sand. Most of them looked like seagulls. The white streaks are from the ocean waves that wash over the sand as in big waves.birds


This shows some of how the ocean waves break over the sandy beach.waves


This is looking down at what I call the End of the river, looking out into the ocean.endriver


I hung out there and watched the waves for a bit deciding if I should kayak or not today.ocean


I spied these harbor seals doing something down there, just below me in the river. They were doing a lot of splashing, but it didn’t appear that they were eating a big fish.seals


This is looking out the open river’s mouth as a great blue heron flies by and the big waves crash.heron


Rains picking up

I had to retreat to my car as the rain picked up looking out my windshield. It’s not looking like a good day to kayak.rain


Boat ramp

I drove back to the boat ramp at the visitor center where it was raining.ramp2


I had decided to give it up, kayaking for the day, I mean. As I was just about to back out, I spotted this lone otter swimming by.otter


I drove on home in the rain, but eventually it let up and stopped so I went out in the yard to putter around some.

Repairing the hole

I’d been looking at this hole in my driveway for awhile now. A big tree root rotted under there and it caved in a while back. This valley used to be filled with some of the biggest trees in the world, so there are lots of huge roots under the ground slowly rotting away. This one was from a six foot diameter pepperwood tree that they pulled out in the 1960’s to pave the driveway when I was a kid here.hole


I got some white course sand I had and filled the hole, then used water to force as much of the sand down deep into the hole as far as I could.holefix


Then I got some shale gravel from when they drilled our well last year and put it on the top of the hole. Good for now. I’ll give it a year or two to see if it sinks anymore. If not, I’ll likely take some of the gravel out and put some cement in there on top.fixedhole


Propagating grapes

The next thing I wanted to do was propagate some table grapes around the yard. I have some growing, but I want more, so I cut some canes from the grape vines and pushed them into the ground in hopefully good spots to grow. Now I’ll wait and watch for new growth on any of them this summer and see if any of them make it.

My snipers and some of the grape canes I planted.grapecanes


The sun came out, so I just sat around enjoying the yard for the rest of the day, which is the first day it’s been nice enough to do that in awhile, now that the days are getting longer.

Nice day.

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