A Drive Down to the River’s Mouth Overlook, Shopping and Some Potato Digging

Sunday December 6, 2015 Jenner CA.

It’s raining

I could hear it raining this morning before I got up, but the weather guys said it was supposed to mostly stop just before noon, so I thought I’d take a chance and drive down to Jenner to hopefully kayak. If it was still raining, I’d just go to the overlook and have a look instead.

The rain didn’t stop

The rain hadn’t stopped when I left just before noon and it continued on as I drove through Monte Rio, but not very hard. It was just drizzling when I drove into Jenner, but there was a cool wind blowing that didn’t make things too inviting, so I drove down through town to the overlook at the end of the river.


Here I am at the overlook, looking back up the river. It’s raining lightly.overlook


This is the end of the river looking out into the Pacific ocean from the overlook.riverend


And this was my view looking south, over the closed river’s mouth. That’s the river in the foreground and the Pacific ocean in the background. Usually I’m down there on the water in my boat.southbeach


Lots of birds

I could see some white specks on the beach which I knew to be birds, so I checked them out. That’s Goat Rock to the left of center.birds3


There’s quite a few birds down there resting on the beach.birds2


It looks like a lot of pelicans and a bunch of seagulls. You can see I can get better pictures from my boat.birds


And a few seals

Further to the right of all the birds and by the closed mouth I could see these harbor seals taking it easy on the sand.seals


Most of the seals look like they are dead, but they aren’t.seals2


No kayaking today

After a bit, I drove to the boat ramp to give kayaking one more consideration, but the cool wind convinced me to head back home.

I considered Monte Rio, but it was raining when I drove through town, so I kept on going and stopped in Guerneville to do some grocery shopping.

Dug some potatoes

I’ve been sitting around doing mostly noting the rest of the day. I did go out and dig some potatoes out of my potato patch which I’m going to consume soon.

That’s my day.

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