Rain,Truck Repair and the Pressure Cooker Gets Ordered

Sunday January 17, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was raining when I got it going this morning and the weather guys said it was going to rain most of the day. As it was, I sleep an hour longer than usual listening to the pitter patter of rain drops, sometimes coming down hard.

John’s truck’s turn signal problem

Once I got it going I decided to go down and see if John was home as we needed to check out his truck’s turn signal switch in the steering column. In particular the socket that hooks it into his wiring harness to make sure the socket wasn’t the problem.

Wake up John

He was sleeping when I got there from an early morning duck hunt, but his wife woke him up and he got it going. I chatted with his wife about buying a pressure cooker as I’ve been thinking of getting one and knew they had been researching  buying one also. John joined the conversation as he got it going as we drank coffee.

Eventually John and I went out to his truck where I put John under the dash laying on his back on the brake pedal looking for the socket that connects the turn signal switch into the main wiring harness. John pulled and poked wires, but didn’t really know that to look for, so I had to get under there too. He had pulled the socket down so it was right there in front of us now. So now we had to pull the socket apart to have a look at the connection pins to see if they were in good or bad shape.

About that time it started to rain harder so I got my umbrella out of the car and held it over John’s truck door to keep us both dry.

John had a hard time getting the connector apart, but after getting a pair of pliers and a couple choice incantation words, it came apart. The connection pins all looked good.

That pretty much confirmed that the turn signal switch inside the steering column was bad which meant we needed to remove the steering wheel from the column. Now, this is a Ford and I’m a Chevy man so I’m not sure how the steering wheel comes off exactly and we don’t have any books on the truck.

Let’s not break it

Not wanting to break anything I tell John he should contact his friend Gary A. and ask him how Ford does it.

We button up his truck and go in and shoot the bull some more. Eventually I go on home and spend the rest of the day in the house listening to the rain.

I do go outside a couple of times, but it continues to rain. Here’s a look out from my carport. The red berries are on a bush called Nadine or American Bamboo.rain


Pressure cooker decision

I consider the pressure cooker thing some more and decide on a stainless steel Hawkins Futura 5.5 litter unit which I find on Amazon and order. If this unit works out, I will likely buy a little smaller unit for cooking in my van, or possibly use this unit and buy a larger unit for the house.This will be a sorta test unit to see how things work out. I find that a lot of times, it’s best to do the research, but eventually, it’s best to just buy into a unit and test and go from there.

John talks with Gary

I received an email later in the day from John saying he had talked with his friend Gary A. and it was a good thing we hadn’t tried to pry into the steering column as it had two screws holding the unit together from the back side. We likely would have broken the horn stuff if we had.

So now we need to take the unit apart to see what is wrong with the turn signal switch and order a new one if we need it. We’ll get to that eventually.

It’s now seven PM and still raining hard at times. I can hear the creek on the side of my house just roaring away.

That was my day.

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