Marty and I Talk About a Trip and Then Go Up and I Do Some Work in the Forest

Tuesday June 25, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Marty came by for a visit. We were planning a trip and had some stuff to talk about so we sat down and talked.marty

It turns out, our trip had to be postponed as Marty has some medical problems he has to deal with first.

Forest work

After that we got in Hondo and went for a ride up into the forest where I had some stuff to do. We went down one road and trimmed some trees. Marty just watched me work and stayed out of the way while I worked.

Eventually we made it to the spot where I get clay. i wanted to trim one of the small trees that are in the way of me getting the clay.saw

Pulling pipe

Then we moved to this spring for a drink of water. I wanted to pull the black plastic pipe out of the ground and get rid of it. We hooked the pipe on the back of the rig and tried to pull it out of the ground, but it was mostly stuck and we couldn’t keep the pipe tied on the the rig to pull the pipe hard enough. After a couple of tries we gave up on  getting that pipe out of the ground.spring


Then we moved to this overlook area for a good break. It was a cloudy day today.view

Interesting critter

As we were sitting there, Marty says there’s something interesting right in front of us on the ground. This little caterpillar is about three quarters of an inch long and in a defense position in this photo.critter

As we watched it started to move and fluffed out and looked like this. I put it down behind us so as not to step on it.catapiller

From there we worked our way back to my place and Marty took off for his place.

I went in for a nap and eventually came back outside and cut a bunch of wild blackberry vines out of the yard until my back hurt.

I spent a good deal of the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard.

This was the sky a bit before the sun set over the mountains to the west.sunset

Nice day.

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One Response to Marty and I Talk About a Trip and Then Go Up and I Do Some Work in the Forest

  1. Barb says:

    That was an interesting caterpiller. Wonder what it turns into?
    Sorry your trip is postponed.
    Hang in there, Marty. Hope you feel better soon.

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